Sipperette Raspberry Hibiscus


Mealtime Magic Sipping Vinegar

Your Indulgence Secret Weapon!

Think of Sipperettes as your pre-indulgence BFF. They're here to back you up during those 'cheat' meals, decadent pastries, or lavish cocktails. Sugar overloads can affect overall health, & that's where Sipperettes work their magic. Each Sipperette is loaded with Vinegar (including the Mother) & enriched with botanicals & trace minerals, formulated to help ease glucose spikes & crashes. Indulge wisely, live fully with Salut!

Directions: Sip straight or dilute with sparkling water, daily or before enjoying high-carb, sugary meals.

Raspberry Vinegar, Hibiscus, Pink Himalayan Salt 

A vibrant blend of raspberry vinegar with the floral notes of hibiscus, balanced with Pink Himalayan Salt, a delightful & tangy sipping experience.

Case of 6

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