There’s a Salut Kit for everyone on your list! Whether they like cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails, savory or sweet, you can put a bow on the gift of delicious and healthy DIY botanical drink infusions.

The Salut Holiday Kit includes: 

  • 1 Premium Gift Box 
  • 1 Carrot Cakewalk Infusion Bottle (makes up to 10 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Gold Strainer 
  • 1 Ice Cube Tray 
  • 1 Salut Postcard (option to request personalized handwritten note)

Flavor: Tastes like Carrot Cake

Ingredients: Organic Hunza Raisins, Carrots, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Organic Cloves

How to: Fill bottle with liquid (see suggested pairings below). Infuse for 1-5 days in the refrigerator, shake and taste until flavor is to your liking. Once ready, we recommend draining fruits & herbs before serving. Pro Tip: if making a mocktail, using warm water can speed up the infusion time, so that your drink is ready in less than an hour. See our recipe ideas for cocktail inspiration!

Best with vodka, gin, rum, whisky, bourbon, cognac, white wine, water, or coconut water. We love it with whiskey!

Serving Size: Makes up to 10 drinks (based on 1.5 oz per drink).

Alcohol is not included.


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