ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WERE TWO FRIENDS, WHO HAD GROWN VERY TIRED OF VODKA SODA. IN A WORLD FULL OF SO MANY CHOICES, Why were the only options between a flavorless drink or one full of refined sugars & mysterious ingredients?

One day, we decided we were tired of setting & we set out to create a drink we could enjoy without feeling guilty. We wanted to make a drink with quality ingredients that our body & our taste buds could both enjoy, so we started playing around in the kitchen with dried fruits & herbs. After hundreds of tests in our apartments & turning our friends into drunken guinea pigs, we finally found the perfect balance of flavor & healthy ingredients & thus a clean drink with benefits was born.


We believe you should be able to enjoy a drink without sacrificing your health, taste or fun. We know drinks can be delicious without tons of sugar & additives. We think you should know exactly what you are consuming–no surprises. We only create recipes using all-natural, quality ingredients with their own known health benefits. We think brands should do their part to help the world, so we use nature-friendly bottles that are meant to be used again & again.